Tuesday, August 30, 2011


It has been a really long time since I have updated my blog. I guess it’s a bit harder to maintain then I thought it would be. Well school has started up again but it feels like it never ended (thanks a lot summer semester) although this fall I am returning to the ceramics studio! Woot woot for wheel throwing! Hand building ceramic was my most favorite class I have ever taken and I am stoked for wheel throwing. Other then that I'm still taking math. It is the worst class I have ever been in, not because I hate math but because that lecture hall has no air conditioning! It is scorching hot and it doesn't help that there are 200 people crammed in there too. At least it isn't snowing yet and the side walks haven't turned to ice. Here we go fall semester! 

Also this Thursday is the start of football! I love my Utah Utes! Here we go Pac 12! 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

July Favorites

    My favorites things for the month of July.

* Filet Mignon at Ponds Lodge in Island Park. It was the best steak I have had in forever! 

* Tinted moisturizer! During the summer foundation is way too much work.   

* Lady Gaga and Cher. I like Cher ok, but she is great too sing to in the car and it’s a long drive home so I need something to keep me awake. 

* Sweat pants. I know they are lazy but they are the most comfortable things ever and are super easy to throw on early in the morning.

* True blood and Entourage. HBO can be a bit rounchy but these have become my new favorite shows.

* Mocha  Frappuccino from McDonalds. It’s a creamy delicious treat! But be careful of drinking 2 in less then an hour, it will get ya kinda gittery. 

*Softball! We actually got to play in July because it had finally stopped raining.

I love lots of things but these are what stood out in my mind. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cabin Trip

This weekend the family ventured up to the cabin. Heidi and I were there a day before mom and dad and were the lucky ones who got to deal with all the problems. As you can see the fridge was a bit yucky. There was left over mayo that didn't look like mayo anymore, it was disgusting! I can handle a messy fridge though, it was the fact that we had no water which made things a bit more difficult. 

 If you look above my head you can see a cupboard that contains plumbing and the hot water heater. Water was leaking from the hot water heater and there was a lot of it! We had to wait for dad to come up with the proper tools so he could fix it, so that day and night we had no water. No water equals no working toilet! Heidi and I had already come to an agreement that we were not going to pee outside (We discussed that it is way too difficult for the ladies) but there is a laundry mat down the road that has bathrooms and showers. We made frequent trips. We even traveled down there at 3 in the morning, it was a bit freaky. It was so dark and I was just waiting for a bear or something to jump out at us. 

Because this was our first trip up since last fall, the weeds were pretty wild. I drove over them a couple times with the idea that it would make a drive way, it didn't work. The weeds were so tall they would get shut in the car door if were went anywhere. 

Finally mom and dad made it up and they brought crazy Gus Gus too. He can be a bit panicky when in new places. But he is adorable so I forgive him. 

 These are our ghetto beds, well really old beds. They have the hardest mattresses ever. Gus doesn't even sleep on them. yeah it is time for an upgrade! 

We even made a trip into Yellowstone. I don't know what river this is but I am standing by it. I like going to Yellowstone because I can look all sloppy and not be the only one. We got a pass so that we don't have to pay every time we go in. Did you know that the mantal under Yellowstone is very thin and that is why they have hot spots and geysers? Thank you Earth Quakes an Volcanoes for teaching me that. And on a side note, I did not get a ticket this time driving through Idaho.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Food Critic

Doolie’s Wings was wingtastic! I went to Doolie’s for the first time ever this weekend. It was super good, the had different styles of fried chicken wings and a bunch of different sauces that you can order. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. We got the 30 wings with fries and drinks. With that we got to pick 6 flavors of sauces and a couple dipping sauces to sample. My favorite is the buffalo. I like my wings with a little bit of a kick. I definitely think that Doolie’s would be perfect for football season. You can get a huge tray with an assortment of sauces and voila party time! I even liked the wings “naked”, with no sauce, they were like mini fried chicken.

We also got fried pickles. They were fine but couldn't compare to the Fair's fried pickles! . I had fun at Doolie's and will definitely go back in the future.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


On Tuesday nights I play softball with my awesome team, the Bibliosox. Last Tuesday night had to have been the best come back in Bibliosox history! We were down 12 runs with 2 outs. Each person at bat got a great hit and were able to get on base and score. We were tied by the time we had gotten our 3rd out. That means we were originally down by 12 to begin with, not unusually for the Bibliosox.  Although our team played amazing we still lost by 1run. I’m not counting the 2nd run they had scored because technically the game was over when the first runner hit the plate.  Losing is nothing new to us but I really wanted to win that game. Our team has been goin strong for 3 years now and this season alone we have had 3 wins, one was a fore fit but it is still a W in my book. We have gotten so much better over the years. Playing softball with this team is one of my favorite things to do!

The Cottonwood fields were by far the best fields I have ever played on. They actually had a place for our bats, a drinking fountain and they actually wet the field before we played on it!

Great Catch! This game had to have been my least favorite this year. It was a a new diamond and that day was horribly hot. Yes, we lost this game too. I don't care to hear the finale scores of our games. Just knowing if we won or lost will suffice.

Good job team. I love playing with you guys!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekend o' Fun

It has been a very busy weekend, lots of family shindigs. On Saturday the family had a bridal shower for Tom’s fiancĂ©, Stephanie. It was pretty SWEET! The Steed women win again with their awesome party favors and decorations! Oh snap we are crafty! It was great to have the ladies in our family come join us for yummy food and dorky games. Everyone had to bring a gift correlating with their favorite novel. Of course I chose Harry Potter. Everyone was creative and had great gifts. I had fun seeing what everyone brought.
On Monday we celebrated the 4th of July with a pool party and BBQ. There was even a band, Ladiez Frist, they are hard core and only contain 2 of their original members but their new lead singer, Rusty, was terrific. I can’t forget to mention the fireworks. You can’t rock the 4th of July without blowing something up so thanks to my uncle Sean for hookin me up. I have to say I love the new law that fireworks can shoot in the air, it just makes them so much cooler.
This also happens to be my first blog entry and I’m working on puttin pictures with each blog.